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The College of Geosciences boldly embraces the call to serve the citizens of the state, nation, and world. Aggie Geoscientists lead by example in addressing the most critical challenges facing society – access to clean water and air, natural disaster resiliency and preparation, securing energy resources, preventing the spread of disease and ensuring adequate food supplies for all global citizens.

The world needs more Aggie Geoscientists and we are trailblazing innovations to transform Aggies into tomorrow’s thought leaders of Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Geology, Geophysics, and Oceanography. With your help, we will attract more of the best and brightest young minds to our college, transform their educational experience with exceptional professional development opportunities, and place them directly in to rewarding careers to selflessly serve the state, nation and our world.

Our ability to lead the nation in training the leaders of tomorrow to provide solutions to the most pressing societal challenges depends on you.

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Funding Opportunities

Endowed Dean’s Chair

This endowment will provide perpetual financial support for strategic investments and emerging initiatives in programs to elevate our students and faculty, such as retaining or recruiting the best faculty with supplemental funds, development of innovative and high impact, hands-on learning experiences for undergraduates, and enhancing the professional development of our graduate students.

Student Success Center

Physical space and leadership support for peer mentoring and beyond-the-classroom professional development activities will be a game-changer for the geosciences students. The Center will be led by exemplary staff to work directly with future, current and former students, as well as job recruiters – ultimately propelling students in impactful careers in the global workforce. The Student Success Center will be the home to student recruiting, advising, and career placement resources. Our goal is to achieve a donor named Student Success Center with an endowment of $3 million, plus an additional $2 million in support from donations to create endowments beginning at $25,000.

Undergraduate Experience Initiatives

Aggie geoscientists learn team work and are distinguished as leaders by the breadth and depth of skills acquired through field camps as well as through undergraduate and graduate research experiences. Technical skills gained from hands-on experience in cutting-edge facilities, cultural awareness acquired through study abroad opportunities, and “soft” skills gained through extracurricular geoscience opportunities, all provide our students with transformational experiences and set them apart upon graduation. Undergraduate experience initiatives endowments begin at $25,000.

Endow the Pre-College GeoX Summer Program

The GeoX Camp is our most effective recruiting program to attract brilliant and diverse high-school students to the College of Geosciences. This fully immersive Earth-system experience introduces 60 rising high school juniors and seniors to the science and careers that are possible through our degree programs. Endowing GeoX at $3 million will provide 60 future Aggies with the life changing experience of our remarkably impactful 8-day curriculum, which includes amazing field trips, time with exemplary faculty, room and board. This endowment will ensure the long-term viability of the program and also fund scholarships for top students in the cohort – 100% of which have so far majored in the geosciences.

Classrooms for the Future

State-of-the-art learning spaces are critical for recruiting the best students and providing them with exceptional professional development opportunities. New facilities provide infinite opportunities for our gifted instructors to innovate, and enable us to facilitate team work and interdisciplinary problem solving. One-time gifts of $400k-1M will fund renovations, technology, and flexible furnishings to transform the way we develop the next generation of workforce leaders. Opportunities for named facilities in honor of the donor, as well as naming opportunities to honor our iconic educators through naming (e.g., the goal for The William R. Bryant Educational Facility, among other potential honorees) exist in each of the three buildings assigned to the College of Geosciences. Imagine the potential of transforming room 327 in the Michel T. Halbouty Building or room 513 in O&M.

Radar Endowment

Iconic learning experiences often employ hands-on access to technology. The ADRAD (Aggie Acoustic Doppler RADAR) is arguably one of the most iconic instruments on campus. An endowment of $1.5M will perpetuate Aggies’ access to this defining technology with funds to ensure maintenance and technical support.





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Former students’ $1 million gift is helping students for generations to come.