Interdisciplinary research at the most comprehensive Geosciences program in the world

RV Joides Resolution in dock.

Research with a Purpose

The College of Geosciences sets itself apart from others by emphasizing research, study abroad, and undergraduate research (REU) throughout all departmental curriculums. Students have the opportunity to complete fieldwork and understand how the concepts they learn in the classroom can positively affect change throughout all elements of earth's processes. The college prides itself on producing work-force-ready citizens who are fully prepared to positively affect their communities, state, and nation.

Department Research

Research in our Departments is benefiting the common good today, and is foundational for the scientific advancement of tomorrow.

Research Centers

The College of Geosciences is home to nine research centers and consortiums that focus on interdisciplinary and collaborative research aimed at addressing global issues that affect our everyday lives. Researchers and collaborators from Texas A&M include the College of Agriculture, College of Architecture, College of Engineering, Texas A&M Galveston, and Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

Student Research

The Geosciences are vigorous and rapidly evolving fields of science, and direct student participation in discovery drives deep learning. The College of Geosciences values the widespread participation of all of our students in our internationally-recognized research programs. We encourage and support the presentation of student-led research from local to global venues and have organized programs to engage students with research opportunities.

Undergraduate Research

Alvin Submersible

Texas A&M Oceanographers On 30-Day Pacific Expedition Will Be Featured On BBC Blue Planet Live March 27-28

Dr. Jason B. Sylvan is serving as chief scientist for the NSF-funded research cruise studying East Pacific Rise hydrothermal vent ecosystems, with three Texas A&M Aggies also aboard.

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