Medallion Scholars Program

Geosciences above and beyond the classroom

three students with medallion medals around their necks

Throughout your academic career, you will have many opportunities to enhance your academic, professional, and personal development. To recognize those individuals who go above and beyond the classroom to make the most of their Aggie experience, the College of Geosciences has developed the Medallion Scholars Program.

This program awards qualifying seniors either a bronze, silver, or gold medal for their achievements. The level of medallion awarded is based on the total points earned throughout the student's time at Texas A&M.

Each time a specific milestone is achieved, you will earn the allotted points for that milestone. You can track your academic, professional, and personal experiences in your Passport booklet (available from Judy Nunez). Your academic advisor can place a stamp in your passport as you achieve milestones and as you near graduation, the total points you have accumulated will determine and qualify you for the corresponding medal level for a Medallion Scholar.

Medallion Scholars Survey

Milestones and Point Values

  • Participate on fieldtrip for credit (5 points per trip)
  • Undergraduate research as 291 or 491 credit (10 points per semester)
  • Present at college or university research week (10 points)
  • Present at a regional or national conference (20 points)
  • Get published in Texas A&M University Explorations journal (30 points)
  • Author on refereed journal publication (30 points)
  • Attend a professional conference (10 points)
  • Study Abroad Field Trip (<50% of credit hours) (15 points)
  • Study Abroad trip (100% of credit hours) (20 points)
  • Semester abroad (30 points)
  • Successfully complete Honors Program (30 points)
  • Participate in a Service Learning Class (20 points)
  • Graduate without excess hours (20 points)
  • High Impact Directed Studies (10 points per semester)
  • Maymester Study Abroad (25 points)
  • Enroll with the Career Center (5 points)
  • Attend career fair (10 points)
  • Join the professional society in your major (10 points)
  • Involved as an active member of a student organization (5 points)
  • Hold office in a student organization (15 points)
  • Internship for 484 credit (20 points)
  • Student recruiter (URT, department, etc.) (10 points)
  • Student tutor in the Geosciences Tutors (GeT) Program (10 points)
  • Participate in an Aggie Externship (10 points)
  • Participate in 4/6 Professionalization Workshops (15 points)
  • Student tutor with ATMO help desk (10 points)
  • Dean's Professional Leadership Skills Forum (must attend at least 6 out of 8 to receive 25 points)
  • Mentor Geosciences Living-Learning Community (must mentor full academic year to earn 25 points)
  • Register and attend Money-Wise Workshops (5 points/workshop)
  • Register and attend Academic Success Center Workshops (5 points/workshop)
  • Enroll with the University Writing Center (10 points)
  • Volunteer and Complete Service Project (5 points/event)
  • Reside in Geosciences Living-Learning Community (must participate full academic year to receive 15 points)

This is not an exhaustive list and further activities can be included for points with Judy's approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate?

Be active in the College of Geosciences. You can go to events or seminars and become a member of student organizations; you'll start wracking up points in no time! Just remember to keep track of what you are participating in so you can fill out the survey at the end of each semester.

How many points do I need to accumulate to become a Medallion Scholar?

There is no set number of points to achieve any tier of medallion, rankings are dependent on the point totals of each graduating class.

Do I need to have the passport booklet to participate?

You do not need a passport book, but it's a great tool to help you keep track of what you have done throughout your college career.

I'm a senior and I just heard about this program. Can I still participate?

Of course! Everything you have participated in until now will count even if you weren't aware of the program.