Living Learning Communities

A unique, transformative community, where students seeking similar academic goals or personal interests can live and learn together

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Texas A&M University provides academic-centric, residential experiences commonly referred to as a Living Learning Program (LLP). Residents in our Living Learning Programs benefit from additional resources, support, and enhanced activities, centered around a specific focus to deepen their Aggie experience.

The philosophy underlying living learning programs is grounded in the belief that learning is an active and dynamic process that occurs both inside and outside the classroom and is a process in which students use a number of frameworks and modalities to learn. On-campus living spaces provide an ideal learning environment as most students spend more collective hours in their dorm than any other location on campus, including the classroom.

"LLP" is an umbrella term for all the residential communities available on campus, including Academic Residential Experience Districts, Academic Living Learning Communities, Enhanced Living Learning Communities, and Themed or Interest Group Housing. These experiences are lived through becoming an active member of a unique transformative community, where students seeking similar academic goals or personal interests can live, learn, and play together.

The College of Geosciences Living Learning Community

The Geosciences Living Learning Community (Geo LLC) welcomes freshman undergraduate students from all majors across the College of Geosciences who wish to excel academically by sharing knowledge and building a strong support network, all while participating in fun and engaging activities and events. The purpose of the College of Geosciences Living Learning Community is to facilitate the academic pursuits and to foster the social connectivity of freshman undergraduate students by creating a tight-knit, common interest community.

Residence Hall

  • Wells Hall (Adjacent) to the "Commons" on the south side of campus)


  • Be an undergraduate student
  • Preference given to majors in the College of Geosciences (ENGS, ENST, GEOG, GEOL, GEOP, GIST, METL, METR, OCNG)
  • Be in good academic and conduct standing
  • Apply for on-campus housing and preference the Geo LLC


  • Students can apply for the College of Geosciences LLC through their housing application after their acceptance into Texas A&M