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College of Geosciences Lab Services

Lab Services

The College of Geosciences provides several, state of the art, laboratory and research services that offer faculty, staff, students and outside organizations access to highly specialized and high quality equipment and services.  For more information about services, research specializations and availability, please contact the lab services manager in each unit.


TAMU GeoServices

Stemming from research at the Texas A&M University Department of Geography, TAMU GeoServices offers a number of geographic information processing services. These services are provided to the greater geospatial community to assist in geospatial-related research and data processing, analysis, and visualization.

Texas A&M University Geoservices offers direct access to the latest cutting edge research on geocoding, address parsing, normalization and standardization, and open source geospatial mapping and visualization.

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stable isotope lab

Stable Isotope Geosciences Facility

The Stable Isotope Geosciences Facility at Texas A&M University was established to provide the highest quality light element isotopic measurements for the advancement of the research of faculty, staff, and students at TAMU and within the broader scientific community. The facility provides a training resource on instruments and preparation equipment for students and researchers within the College of Geosciences. With up-to-date isotope technologies and an experienced staff, SIGF is continually striving to make TAMU a national leader for stable isotopic research.

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