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Impact the Next 50 Years and Beyond

With your SUPPORT, we will AMPLIFY our student’s WORLD IMPACT in the NEXT 50 YEARS AND BEYOND

Since 2000, around 4,700 geosciences students have graduated yearly in the United States.  If the attrition trend of geoscientists in industry continues at the current pace, there will be 40% fewer geoscientists by 2020 – a critical shortage.  This reality dramatically affects our ability to provide solutions to complex world problems.  The geosciences education is paramount to major industries such as alternative energy production, oil, gas, coal, environmental consulting, petroleum engineering and water resources and supply.


We will lead in establishing the geosciences as the defining scientific discipline of the 21st century.  We know that the sustainable human society of the future depends more on innovation and application of discovery in the geosciences than on any other discipline. Therefore, our field is essential to solving society's grand challenges – global climate change, air and water quality, and adequate energy and food supplies.

By lead, we mean:

  1. we will produce graduates of diverse backgrounds who rise to be leaders in private industry, government, and education,
  2. we will produce interdisciplinary, innovative, technologically advanced research that is widely translated and communicated for the benefit of a global society,
  3. we will prepare all students for thoughtful, life-long participation in public issues related to science, technology, and society.


To advance new understandings of the Earth System and apply them to the needs of society. To prepare the next generation of geoscientists to conduct research, to find and develop natural resources, and to measure and respond to environmental change.

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Aggies can change the world. Geoscientists lead the way.