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Impact of Giving

There are three, profoundly meaningful ways to support the College of Geosciences:

Support Our Students

Now more than ever, Texas A&M University must make a profound impact on society by contributing to the Nation’s future workforce.  We are building on a proven record of strength grounded in providing students with outstanding high-impact learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. Geoscientists are increasingly recognized by policy makers and the public as having key knowledge and skills to address societally important issues, such as natural hazards, water, energy, climate, sustainability, and natural resources. The need for geoscientists in the workforce is projected to grow rapidly in the next ten years at a time that the majority of the existing geoscience workforce will be retiring.  Projections by the American Geosciences Institute indicate that by the year 2024, the United States will suffer a gap of more than 150,000 geoscientists, resulting in a significant demand for our students.

Help Texas A&M educate the geoscience leaders of the future by:

  • Providing undergraduate scholarships to:

    • Recruit talented incoming students to the Geosciences
    • Assist outstanding Geoscience majors with financial need
  • Providing graduate fellowships and scholarships to:

    • Support students seeking a masters as the terminal professional degree

    • Recruit outstanding students to our graduate programs

Support Our Faculty

A great university is only as great as its faculty.  A top priority for the College of Geosciences is to recruit exceptional faculty members and ensure that our current stellar faculty thrive in a collaborative teaching and research environment for the benefit of our students.  Ways to support this priority include:

  • Naming Opportunities for Department Headships and Academic Program Directorships - give the leaders of the departments of Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, Geology & Geophysics, Oceanography, or our undergraduate Environmental Programs the flexible resources to recruit and retain top faculty and students, as well as increasing the visibility and impact of programs.
  • Naming Opportunities for Center Directors - give the leaders of our distinguished research centers flexible resources to recruit and retain top faculty, partners, and students, as well as increasing the visibility and impact of programs.
  • Teaching Innovation Awards - establish a fund to advance teaching excellence that provides faculty members with seed money to develop new instructional approaches and to purchase modern equipment for lab and field settings, to be awarded on a competitive basis.
  • Research Innovation Awards - establish a fund to advance research innovation.  Research developments in the geosciences, as in all fields of science, engineering and technology evolve rapidly.  Research innovation awards, made on a competitive basis, will provide seed funds to our faculty and students to test high-risk research concepts and to renew themselves to assure that they stay at the cutting edge of their profession.

Support Our High Impact Learning and Field Experiences

The future challenges will require professionals: (a) who can think critically, solve complex problems, and communicate their understanding of the scientific problems that we all face clearly and effectively; (b) who can both contribute to and lead interdisciplinary science teams over a lifetime; and (c) who think like a geoscientists, which requires the ability to think spatially and temporally, inductively and deductively, make and use indirect observations, engage in complex open and coupled systems analysis, and work with uncertainty and incompleteness. 

Geoscience students develop these critical skills through participation in high impact experiences including fieldwork, study abroad, and research experiences in the field or laboratory.  No geoscience education is truly complete without the opportunity to go to the field.  Ways to support this priority include:

  • Field Education Funds – establish a fund to support inclusion of a variety of field experiences in the curriculum.

  • Student Research Funds – establish a fund to support students in engaging closely with faculty in research, in the field, at sea, or in the lab.

  • Student International Experience Funds – establish a fund to support students in need to reduce the extra expense of international programs.

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