Transfer FAQ

Frequently asked questions by prospective transfer Aggie Geoscientists

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Why geosciences at Texas A&M?

The College of Geosciences at Texas A&M is the 2nd smallest college on campus. With a 10:1 student-faculty ration, our majors enjoy smaller class sizes and faculty one-on-one mentorship. While being among the top geosciences training grounds in the country, the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M supplements every students’ experience with the academic support and involvement opportunities necessary to be successful in college and beyond.

Application Information

Is there a separate application for each major in the geosciences?

No, there is not a separate application for any of the majors offered through Geosciences. You need only apply through the university admissions process, and declare one of our majors.

Do you accept second-choice majors?

Yes, we do!

How many students do you accept each year?

We do not work off of a capacity or quota system; therefore, our entering class size varies from year to year without worry of hitting a maximum.

Do you only admit in the fall?

We consider applicants year-round, i.e. fall, spring, and summer.

Financial Aid

Does the College of Geosciences offer scholarships?

Yes! Applicants should follow the instructions regarding scholarship consideration on the ApplyTexas or The Coalition forms as well as complete Essays A, B, and C. The College of Geosciences also offers continuing student scholarships. Continuing students should contact their advisor regarding application information.

Transferring to Texas A&M

Are there specific courses I must have completed before being accepted into my major?

Learn about transfer courses through Transfer Pathways

Do transfer students have the opportunity to study abroad? Internships? Research?

Yes, transfer students have all of the same benefits and opportunities as non-transfer students once they are on-campus and taking courses at Texas A&M University. In fact, majors in the College of Geosciences participate in study abroad, internships, and undergraduate research at a higher rate than any other College at Texas A&M, and that includes our transfer students. Once you are enrolled, feel free to work directly with a faculty member or your advisor on how best to proceed.

Are there dorms for transfer students?

Those types of questions/answers should be pursued through the Residence Life website.

Do you recommend I visit?

Absolutely! It’s always wise to visit to get a true feel for your major. If you would like to visit the College of Geosciences, please schedule an appointment. If you would like to make a campus, housing, and admission’s visit, please register on the Visitor Center website.

What kind of student involvement do transfer students qualify for? Student organizations?

Geoscience students have the unique opportunity to be involved in each of the “High Impact Learning Experiences” that Texas A&M promotes for undergraduate students. These experiences include the following: Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research, Internships, and Service-learning. Each major offers numerous opportunities for student involvement that makes it hard for students NOT to be involved while working on their degree.

Each major within the College of Geosciences has at least one associated student organization that helps students deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the mission of that organization.

Geoscience students are no stranger to volunteering their time and talents. Many of the activities available for students to participate in are considered “Service-learning Projects”. For example, one regularly offered First Year Seminar includes a service-learning experience in Costa Rica whose mission is to assist local communities with their unique water-related issues.

Is it okay if I contact an advisor in my intended major before I register at my current institution?

Yes, it is actually preferred you talk with the advisor of your intended major in order to confirm you have the appropriate prerequisite classes completed prior to transferring.


Will I receive career counseling?

Career counseling is available through many different avenues. Faculty, staff, and advisors are available to counsel students regarding potential career paths. There is also a Career Center on campus that offers a variety of career assessment tools available for free to students and former students. You can find out more information about the Career Center.

Patagonia field photos by Patrick Campbell ’18, Geography