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GeoX 2021: June 21 - July 2 - Virtual Camp

Applications for GeoX 2021 will close at 11:59 p.m. CST, June 14.

Apply Now for Summer 2021

GeoX 2021 will run virtually from June 21 to July 2, and will provide students with non-stop presentations, workshops, tours, and students can join in from anywhere in the nation.

Texas A&M faculty, student counselors, and staff are excited for the opportunity to give high school participants the ability to witness top-notch geoscientists researching every aspect of our environment – from the atmosphere to the ocean seafloor. 

Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the geosciences, right from their own homes. Led by Texas A&M faculty experts, GeoX presentations will travel virtually from the Arctic to the Antarctic, into the trenches of the Pacific Ocean, even to learning about rovers on Mars. Students will have the opportunity to virtually launch a weather balloon, talk to a paleontologist, and do several hands-on activities with materials from around their homes.

High schoolers will learn the connection of the environment to causes, mitigation strategies, and scientific patterns associated with public health crises. 

The GeoX experience will be the perfect introduction to the geosciences, Aggieland, and the Aggie Network – the strongest network of students and former students in the country. 

What will it cost? Nothing.

How to Apply

If you will be a student in high school by August 31, 2021, you are eligible to apply.  Keep in mind that strong interest statements will make you a more engaged participant

To apply, submit the following credentials online:

  • GeoX application
  • Statement of interest (350 words)
  • Contact information for references (no letters)
  • PSAT/SAT or ACT scores, if known
  • Evidence of a well-rounded mix of school, community and volunteer activities

Staff members from the College of Geosciences will provide additional information to students and families regarding expectations for participation in GeoX.  More information will follow soon!


Got a question about GeoX? Ask one of our recruiters. 

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