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The R. Ken Williams ’45 Radiogenic Isotope Geosciences Laboratory at Texas A&M (completed September, 2008) is a 1550 ft2 laboratory complex that consists of a perchloric acid fume hood room, gown-up room, dilution and weighing room, clean general chemistry room (<2000 particles >0.3 μm per ft3 air), ultra-clean chemistry room (<100 particles >0.3 μm per ft3 air). Clean-air workstations in each chemistry lab are better than 100 particles >0.3 μm per ft3 air and two recirculating laminar flow hoods both tested at zero particles. The instrument room houses a Triton thermal-ionization mass spectrometer, an Element XR high-resolution inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometer, and a Photon Machines Analyte 193 laser-ablation system. The radiogenic isotope geochemistry facilities also include separate rooms for dirty/wet sample preparation, rock crushing, and mineral separation.

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