Michel T. Halbouty Geosciences Medal

2018 Winner, Carlos Dengo

2018 Winner, Carlos Dengo

The Michel T. Halbouty Geosciences Medal is conferred by the Dean, College of Geosciences for distinguished achievement in the development of earth resources and in the application of geoscience to the discovery, use and conservation of earth resources.


  • The recipient must be a graduate of Texas A&M University, or must have served Texas A&M University as a member of its faculty, staff, or administration.
  • A candidate must be living at the time of selection and be willing to present himself or herself in person to receive the medal at a time and place designated by the Dean, College of Geosciences (to be awarded in the Fall of each year beginning in 2016).

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

Nominees for the award will be selected for their substantive contributions to exploration, development or conservation of earth resources. Contributions may be in a variety of forms such as substantial advancement of the techniques for applying geoscientific knowledge to technological, economic, and social problems; farsighted and dynamic direction of resource development efforts by industry; innovative leadership in the administration of research and teaching related to earth resources exploration, development and conservation; and substantive contributions to public understanding of the importance of earth resources.

Contributions to Texas A&M University in the form of teaching, research and student relations will not be considered because an adequate award system, supported by the Association of Former Students, already exists for recognition of outstanding teachers, researchers, and student counselors.

Former students employed by the University are not eligible during their term of employment.

Nominator information is confidential and is collected to verify the authenticity of the nomination. You will be invited to sign a release of permission for publicity purposes, should any information regarding your identity, for use in quote attribution.

Nominations will be considered from any of the following individuals or groups:

  • a member of the College or University administration, faculty or staff;
  • a member of an affiliate or support organization of the University,
  • any Texas A&M current or former student;
  • any supporter or advocate of the College of Geosciences and Texas A&M.


Nomination packets will be comprised of the following:

  • a completed nomination form (incomplete submissions will not be considered), which includes, a letter of nomination written by the nominator(s) (required),

Optional supporting materials may be submitted and may include but are not limited to:

  • letters of support that specifically address the award criteria,
  • a current biography or curriculum vitae for the nominee,
  • newspaper and magazine articles,
  • personal stories,
  • other awards or certificates of achievement,
  • other items of interest that support the candidate's qualifications that should be considered by the Selection Committee.

Letters of support may be submitted by anyone with exception of members of the Selection Committee and the Dean.

Nomination Form

Previous Recipients

2020 Bill Read '71 & '76
2019 Inda Immega ’71
2018 Carlos Dengo
2017 Gerald North
2016 Gordon Eaton
2008 Clayton Williams, Jr.
2007 R. Ken Williams
2006 Richard Findley
2005 Thomas E. Kelly
2004 Gary L. Hall
2003 Les Shephard
2002 Don Durham
2001 Stephan Sonnenberg
2000 William Bryant
1999 Jack E. Little
1998 Kim Parsons
1997 Dan & Dudley Hughes
1996 John F. Imle, Jr.
1995 Earl R. Hoskins
1994 Marjorie Heyman
1993 Greta Fryxell
1992 Joel F. Watkins
1991 Richard Williford 
1990 William J. Merrell
1989 Mel Friedman
1988 Joe B. Foster
1987 Richard J. Stegemeier
1986 Robert Reid
1985 James E. Wilson
1984 John Handin
1983 Robert Allen
1982 Robert Berg
1981 Earl Cook
1980 George Mitchell
1979 Michel Halbouty
1978 Harold Haynes