The Geosciences Young Alumni Award

2018 Winner, Ruth Mullins Perry

2018 Young Alumni Winner, Ruth Mullins Perry

Young Alumni are building a brighter future for the university through their dedication of time, talent, and energy. The Geosciences Young Alumni Award is presented annually to a former student of the College of Geosciences who has demonstrated outstanding professional achievement or endeavors, exemplifying the core values of Texas A&M University and the educational training from the College of Geosciences towards the advancement of the greater good.

The Geosciences Young Alumni Award is reserved for those who graduated in a College of Geosciences major less than 10 years prior, attending the university as an undergraduate or graduate student to the attainment of a degree and is living at the time of consideration.


  • Outstanding Geosciences graduates within the last 10 years are eligible.
  • Enrichment of some aspect of the College of Geosciences community through continuing dedication, advocacy and support.
  • Demonstrable commitment to the ongoing vitality of the University.
  • Advancement of the value and in their achievements within their profession.
  • Significant voluntary contributions of energy, time, creativity, and skills for the advancement of community welfare, discovery, education, social or government service.

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

Former students employed by the University are not eligible during their term of employment.


Nomination packets will be comprised of the following:

  • a completed nomination form (incomplete submissions will not be considered), which includes, a letter of nomination written by the nominator(s) (required),

Optional supporting materials may be submitted and may include but are not limited to:

  • letters of support that specifically address the award criteria,
  • a current biography or curriculum vitae for the nominee,
  • newspaper and magazine articles,
  • personal stories,
  • other awards or certificates of achievement,
  • other items of interest that support the candidate's qualifications that should be considered by the Selection Committee.

Letters of support may be submitted by anyone with exception of members of the Selection Committee and the Dean.

Nomination Form

Previous Recipients

2020 Michael Gutierrez '13
2019 Dr. Elizabeth Satterfield ‘10
2018 Dr. Ruth Mullins Perry
2017 Austin Heider ‘10