Call for Nominations

Dean's Distinguished Achievement Awards

The purpose of these awards is to recognize, encourage, and reward faculty, research scientists, and administrative and technical staff of the College of Geosciences who have made exemplary contributions to the teaching, research, and service missions of the College beyond the normal expectations of their positions.

Criteria Information

Award recipients are selected based on their exemplary contributions to the teaching, research, and service missions of the College. These contributions exceed the normal expectations of their positions and commitment to job excellence, leadership, innovation, and initiative. In particular, listed below are the specific criteria for the awards:

Call for Nominations for:

  • Research—Faculty (1)
  • Teaching—Faculty (1)
  • Service—Faculty (1)
  • Exemplary Service—Research Scientist, Administrative or Technical Staff (2)
  • Innovative Educator Award—Faculty (1)
  • Public Engagement Award—Faculty (1) 

Research — Faculty

  • Significant contribution to unit’s research mission
  • Contributions to national or international committees, review panels, &/or organizations
  • Publication in high-profile peer-reviewed venues
  • Impact of research (citations, media coverage, policy impact, etc.)
  • Leadership of discipline-focused or interdisciplinary research teams
  • Recent research awards from professional organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions

Teaching — Faculty

  • Significant contribution to unit’s teaching mission
  • Leadership in curricular, programmatic, or mentorship improvements
  • Scholarly publications related to teaching
  • Success in graduate student mentoring
  • Success in undergraduate student mentoring
  • Outside recognition of outstanding teaching or mentoring

Service — Faculty

  • Significant contribution to unit’s service mission
  • Leadership in major service committee, initiative, or other effort (unit, college, or university)
  • Significant role in function of professional organization(s) and meetings
  • Significant role as editor, reviewer or review panel member
  • Significant role in commission, task force, board, etc.

Exemplary Service Award — Research Scientist, Administrative or Technical Staff

  • Makes impactful, innovative, and solution-oriented change to unit beyond job requirements
  • Takes initiative on major projects
  • Leads efforts for inclusive workplace
  • Creates or contributes to collaborative workplace

Selfless Service Award — Faculty

  • Facilitate and/or elevate the work of others in research or teaching in the unit, college, or university
  • Significant and/or sustained contribution to professional development of faculty, staff, or students
  • Significant and/or sustained contribution to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability
  • Significant and/or sustained contribution to professional organizations

Innovative Educator Award — Faculty

  • Significant innovation to the broad educational mission, including K-12
  • Significant innovation to curricular revision, assessment, learning activities
  • Significant contribution to teaching mission through innovative research efforts
  • Dissemination of innovative pedagogy through web sites or other means

Public Engagement Award — Faculty

  • Leadership roles in mentoring or guiding early-career faculty and/or staff in public engagement strategies and practices
  • Substantial engagement with the public as invited speaker or expert in non-academic settings
  • Substantial government engagement as invited speaker or expert
  • Press/media interviews in diverse and prominent media outlets as expert on topic
  • Impact of public engagement as indicated by prominence of media outlet or profile of outreach setting

Submission Information


Submission deadline is May 6, 2022.

  1. Complete the Dean's Award Nomination Form and save as a PDF.
  2. Email the completed form as an attachment to Corie Smith.


To be eligible for an award, the nominee must meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed a minimum of three full years of service to the College by August 31, 2022
  • Hold a position or title above that of graduate assistant for all three years
  • Be a budgeted employee at least half time (50 percent effort) for each of the three years
  • Have completed at least five full years of service to the College since receiving a previous College award in the same category (i.e., an awardee in the same award category bestowed in/after 2017 is not eligible)
  • Have consistently demonstrated exemplary performance in contributing to the respective teaching, research, and service missions of the College

Award Categories

Awards will be given each year in each of these categories:

Selfless Service – Faculty (1)

Innovative Educator – Faculty (1)

Public Engagement – Faculty (1)

Teaching—Faculty (1)

Research—Faculty (1)

Service—Faculty (1)

Exemplary Service – Research Scientist, Administrative or Technical Staff (2)


All recipients will be recognized and honored at a College-wide gathering. Faculty and Research Scientist award recipients will receive a bursary of $1200. Staff award recipients will receive a cash award of $1200. All recipients will receive a framed certificate and be honored on the College website.


(A) Nominations may be made by any faculty, staff, or student in the College through their respective department or unit. Each department or unit head will develop and implement a program to select their candidates from nominations submitted.

(B) Each unit may submit up to two nomination packets in each category in which they have eligible employees.

(C) Nomination packets must be submitted in PDF format by the department/unit head to the Dean’s designee, Corie Smith, by Friday, May 6, 2022.

(D) Each nomination packet should consist of the following:

  • College Award Nomination Form Cover Sheet
  • Letter of Nomination (limited to two pages)
  • Two letters of endorsement, one page in length, to supplement the letter of nomination, obtained from any source.
  • Curriculum Vitae, to include:
    • Degrees/professional qualifications (source and date)
    • Pertinent employment history (previous positions, years, list most recent first)
    • Honors and awards
    • Membership in professional and honorary societies (noting offices held)
    • List of articles, books, professional accomplishments within the last five years, as appropriate
    • Current position description (for staff and research scientist awards only)

(E) Nomination packets will be reviewed by the College Awards Committee.