Dean's Distinguished Achievement Awards

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The Dean's Distinguished Achievement Awards recognizes, encourages, and rewards faculty, research scientists, and administrative and technical staff of the College of Geosciences who have made exemplary contributions to the teaching, research, and service missions of the College beyond the normal expectations of their positions.

Award recipients are selected based on their exemplary contributions to the teaching, research, and service missions of the College. These contributions exceed the normal expectations of their positions and commitment to job excellence, leadership, innovation, and initiative.

The Dean's Distinguished Achievement Awards include:

  • Faculty Excellence in Teaching (1 Award per year)
  • Faculty Excellence in Research (1 Award per year)
  • Faculty Excellence in Service (1 Award per year)
  • Exemplary Service Award (Research Scientist, Administrative or Technical Staff - 1-2 Awards per year)

    Additional Awards added in 2017:
  • Exemplary Leadership in Selfless Service (Faculty - 1 Award per year)
  • Exemplary Leadership as an Innovative Educator (Faculty - 1 Award per year)
  • Exemplary Leadership in Public Engagement (Faculty - 1 Award per year)

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Past Recipients of Dean’s Distinguished Achievement Awards


Ms. Carria Collins – Administrative Staff
Ms. Luz Romero – Technical Staff
Dr. Mark Everett – Faculty Service
Dr. Nick Perez – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Franco Marcantonio – Faculty Research


Mrs. Judy Nunez – Administrative Staff
Mrs. Theresa Morrison – Administrative Staff
Dr. David Sparks – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Ryan Ewing – Faculty Research
Dr. Jessica Fitzsimmons – Faculty Service
Dr. William Lamb – Selfless Service


Dr. Ben Geise – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Wendy Jepson – Faculty Research
Dr. Bobby Reece – Faculty Service
Dr. Ping Yang – Selfless Service
Dr. Jason Sylvan – Innovative Educator
Ms. Allison Harms – Administrative Staff
Ms. Suzanne Rosser – Administrative Staff


Dr. Christina Wiederwohl – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Istvan Szunyogh – Faculty Research
Dr. Dave Sparks – Faculty Service
Mr. Mark McCann - Technical Staff
Ms. Michele Beal – Administrative Staff
Dr. Ron Kaiser – Innovative Educator
Dr. Andrew Klein – Selfless Service


Dr. Andrew Klein – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Hongbin Zhan – Faculty Research
Ms. Kristine McRoberts – Technical Staff
Mr. Michael Cannon – Technical Staff


Dr. Don Conlee – Faculty Teaching
Dr. R. Saravanan – Faculty Research
Dr. Pamela Plotkin – Faculty Service
Ms. Maureen Reap – Administrative Staff
Ms. Cindie Powell – Administrative Staff


Dr. Oliver Frauenfeld – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Shari Yvon-Lewis – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Robert Korty – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Ken Bowman – Faculty Research
Ms. Emily Dykes – Administrative Staff
Mr. Willie Flemings – Technical Staff


Dr. Chris Houser – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Steven F. DiMarco – Faculty Research
Dr. Brendan Roark – Faculty Service
Dr. Vatche P. Tchakerian – Faculty Administrative
Ms. Barbara A. Bayer – Administrative Staff
Ms. Karen Riedel – Administrative Staff
Mr. David Lehnert – Technical Staff


Dr. Kathleen O’Reilly – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Alejandro Orsi – Faculty Research
Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon – Faculty Service
Ms. Michele Beal – Administrative Staff
Dr. Sonia Garcia – Administrative Staff
Dr. Alexei Khalizov – Research Scientist


Dr. Andrew Dessler – Faculty Research
Dr. John Wormuth – Faculty Teaching
Mr. David Fackler – Technical Staff
Ms. Lisa Reichert – Administrative Staff


Dr. Andrew Hajash – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Benchun Duan – Faculty Research
Dr. Jose Sericano – Research Scientist
Mr. Tim Copple – Technical Staff
Mr. Matt Mefferd – Technical Staff
Ms. Carria Collins – Administrative Staff
Ms. Wendy Gamble – Administrative Staff


Dr. Hongbin Zhan – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Lisa Campbell – Faculty Research
Dr. Leslie Bender – Research Scientist
Mr. Ryan Young – Technical Staff
Ms. Jennifer Rumford – Technical Staff
Ms. Roxanna Russell – Administrative Staff


Dr. Courtney Schumacher – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Mark Everett – Faculty Research
Mr. Mark McCann – Technical Staff
Mr. Clayton Powell – Technical Staff
Ms. Sandra Dunham – Administrative Staff
Ms. Barbara Straube – Administrative Staff


Dr. David Cairns – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Donald R. Collins – Faculty Research
Dr. Matthew K. Howard – Research Scientist
Ms. Margaret A. Foster – Administrative Staff
Ms. Rhonda Simmons-Fulton – Administrative Staff
Ms. Debra L. Stark – Administrative Staff


Mr. Marion Alcorn – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Fuqing Zhang – Faculty Research
Dr. Ann Jochens – Research Scientist
Ms. Debra DeFreitas – Technical Staff
Mr. Steve Tran – Technical Staff
Ms. Cathy Bruton – Administrative Staff
Ms. Debra Schorm – Administrative Staff


Dr. Niall Slowey – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Ethan Grossman – Faculty Research
Dr. Alex Orsi – Research Scientist
Mr. Desmond Rolf – Technical Staff
Mr. William Green – Technical Staff
Ms. Ann Klaus – Administrative Staff
Ms. Sandra Green – Administrative Staff


Dr. Robert Popp – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Ping Yang – Faculty Research
Dr. Jose Sericano – Research Scientist
Dr. Michael Heaney – Technical Staff
Mr. Paul Clark – Technical Staff
Ms. Cathy Littleton – Administrative Staff
Dr. Jack Baldauf – Administrative Staff


Dr. Bruce Herbert – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Will Sager – Faculty Research
Dr. Roger Sassen – Research Scientist
Mr. Robert Renzetti – Technical Staff
Mr. John Walpert – Technical Staff
Ms. Michele Beal – Administrative Staff


Dr. Jay Pinckney – Faculty Teaching
Dr. Renyi Zhang – Faculty Research
Dr. Norman Guinasso – Research Scientist
Ms. Debbie Paul – Administrative Staff
Mr. Van Chisholm – Administrative Staff
Dr. Ed Shaar – Administrative Staff
Dr. Robert Stickney – Administrative Staff
Ms. Margaret Hastedt – Technical Staff


Dr. Steven Dorobek – Faculty Teaching
Dr. George Jackson – Faculty Research
Dr. Terry Wade – Research Scientist
Ms. Gwendolyn Tennell – Administrative Staff
Ms. Constance Toon – Administrative Staff
Mr. Mark McCann – Technical Staff
Mr. David Lehnert – Technical Staff
Mr. Neil Smith – Technical Staff


Dr. William Bryant – Faculty Teaching
Dr. David Wiltschko – Faculty Research
Dr. Chuck Kennicutt – Research Scientist
Ms. Amy Broussard – Staff Administration
Ms. Mary Gammon – Staff Administration
Mr. Jay Dennis Guffy – Staff Technical
Ms. Leslie Randolph – Staff Technical
Mr. Stephen Sweet – Staff Technical


Dr. John Wormuth – Teaching
Dr. Jonathan Phillips – Research
Mr. Lloyd Morris – Technical Support
Ms. Kathy Lamarque – Staff Support


Dr. Karl Koenig – Teaching
Dr. Ping Chang – Research
Mr. Jerry Guynes – Technical Support
Ms. Barbara Childers – Staff Support


Dr. Aubrey Anderson – Teaching
Dr. Andy Kronenberg – Research
Dr. Ray Gullemette – Technical Support
Ms. Michele Beal – Staff Support


Dr. Stefan Gartner – Teaching
Dr. Richard Carlson – Research
Ms. Sandy Drews – Staff Support