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Transfer Pathways

The College of Geosciences at Texas A&M University has developed a Pathways to the Geosciences program that facilitates the transfer of students from 2-year institutions by providing direction to students interested in the geosciences from one of many institutions. The pathways are intended to help take the guesswork out of advising/registering while taking the prerequisite courses necessary for a smooth transition into one of our majors. The front of the pathway document includes the community college numbering rubric. The second page of the pathway lists the upper-division courses to be taken at Texas A&M to complete the degree. The column title “sample schedule” is used because each student’s matriculation may vary due to accelerated credit taken in high school and/or a change in the major a student intends to transfer. Transfer pathways have been developed for each of our undergraduate majors: Environmental Geoscience, Environmental Studies, Geographic Information Science & Technology, Geography, Geology, Geophysics, Meteorology, and Oceanography.

The second column on the front and back of the template – is titled “milestones”. These are recommendations for activities that lead students to a smooth transfer, purposeful selection of high impact learning experiences at Texas A&M (i.e. internships, undergraduate research, study abroad experiences), and career preparation. The early introduction of advising between the student and Texas A&M major-specific advisor helps build initial relationships between the student and advisor to ensure a smooth transfer. Additionally, milestones encourage students to begin developing topics for undergraduate research while at the community college, and the best options for participating in a studying abroad experience. By following the milestones, the community college student can also become directly engaged with geosciences before being admitted through involvement in student organizations, professional chapters, visits, and events held throughout the academic year. The pathway template also provides career information (representative jobs and employers) that helps to breakdown the misconception that certain vocations can only be attained through certain majors. This myth permeates community colleges and four-year institutions alike, resulting in frustration for students, parents, and advisors who feel mislead or misguided throughout their matriculation.

For more information about our programs, please contact Judy Nunez.

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