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Geology and Geophysics

The B.S. programs in Geology and Geophysics prepare students for careers in the energy and environmental industries, and for advanced study in graduate programs. The first two years of both programs provide students with a foundation in geology and supporting sciences and mathematics. The last two years of the Geology degree increase breadth in geological theory and applications, while the Geophysics program has a deeper focus on the physical and mathematical principles behind geologic processes. Electives allow students to pursue more specific disciplines such as petroleum exploration, and environmental geology. Many students also pursue research projects with faculty.

Students couple a broad foundation in geological studies with a specialization in at least one other field (such as business, journalism, geography, oceanography or a number of other fields), through a 15-credit hour minor.

Job Outlook

The job market for geologists is cyclic, but the immediate outlook for future geologists and geophysicists is great. Over the next decade, employment of geoscientists is expected to grow at nearly twice the rate of other physical and life scientists, and pay one-third higher average salaries (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls. gov). The largest job market is in oil and gas exploration, but many geologists are also employed in protecting water resources, mitigating damage from natural hazards and understanding our impact on the environment. 

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