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Environmental Geosciences

This track is an intensive, interdisciplinary study for students interested in scientific and technical careers. Students study the interactions between Earth’s surfaces, oceans, and atmosphere. The curriculum also focuses on the study of modern environmental issues. Courses taken are a part of a variety of departments, including: Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, Geology and Geophysics, and Oceanography. Junior and Senior students typically refine their studies to one particular aspect, such as coastal processes, water and the environment, climate change, or human interactions with the environment. Students will also become familiar with various tools needed to approach environmental concerns such as Geographic Information Science (GIS), remote sensing, and environmental sampling and surveying.

Job Outlook

Employment for environmental scientists is expected to flourish in the coming decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 28 percent increase in environmental jobs from 2008 to 2018, making environmental sciences one of the nation’s fastest growing industries. 

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