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Scholarships & Financial Aid

The estimated cost to attend Texas A&M is $24,024 (resident) and $43,144 (non-resident) a year ­ these costs include tuition and fees, room and board, personal expenses (such as clothing, entertainment and incidentals), and books and supplies.

Fact: 79% of the student body receives some type of Financial Aid. 

The College of Geosciences offers competitive scholarships ranging from $500 to $4,000 per year. You will also have the opportunity to work with our faculty on research projects around the globe and opportunities to participate in an internship program with some of the leading companies in your field of interest.

In compliance with University Rule 13.03.99.M1, scholarships are awarded either on the basis of academic criteria or any combination of academics, financial need, campus/community activities, leadership positions, and work experience. Additionally, some scholarships are awarded on the basis of a special talent or skill or a federal agency¹s criteria (e.g. National Science Foundation). Scholarships are to reward, encourage and assist students in pursuing academic excellence and leadership roles.

Please use the general Texas A&M online scholarship application:

The College of Geosciences proudly offers the following scholarships to qualified applicants:

  • B.P. Loughnane Scholarship
  • George W. Croker '51 Endowed Scholarship in Geosciences
  • Diversity Scholarships in Geosciences
  • College of Geosciences Endowed Scholarship
  • Faye and Eddie V. Gray '57 Endowed Scholarship
  • Michel T. Halbouty '30 AAPG Endowed Scholarship
  • Norma and Kenneth Harlan '55 Endowed Scholarship
  • Cindy L. and Jerry F. Holditch '79 Endowed Scholarship
  • James R. and Norine Jackson Endowed Scholarship in Geosciences
  • Lechner Graduate Scholarship
  • Natalie '82 and Doug McGehee '81 Endowed Scholarship
  • Chess R. Mizell '14 Memorial Scholarship
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Pipes Fellowship in Geosciences
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Pipes Endowed Scholarship in Geosciences
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ray Scurlock '45 Scholarship
  • Kay and Winston G. Sexton '54 Endowed Scholarship
  • Valeen Silvy Fellowship
  • Unocal Graduate Fellowship in Geosciences
  • Jody and Worthy Ray Warnack '52 Endowed Geosciences Scholarship
  • Doris and Joe P. Watson '42 Endowed Graduate Scholarship
  • Margaret and Howard Karren '51 Endowed Study Abroad Undergraduate Scholarship
  • George W. Crocker Scholarship Endowment
  • George J. Miller Endowed Scholarship
  • John '76 and Mary Lou Ryan Scholarship

For additional information, contact Roxanna Russell,, phone (979) 862-3240.

Continuing Graduate Student Scholarship

Below is the link to the Application Form for Continuing Graduate Student Scholarships. All current graduate students in good standing in the College are eligible for consideration. For the 2016 competition, applications are due Friday, March 25, 2016 for awards in the 2016-17 academic year.

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