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geox 2016


June 9-15, 2019

Your experience on the Texas A&M campus will be the perfect introduction to the geosciences, Aggieland and to the strongest student network in the country, Texas Aggies. For a week, you will stay on campus in residence halls, meet current students and live like an Aggie.

What will it cost? Nothing.

We will provide room, meals, and program supplies. Our sponsors, BP and the College of Geosciences, fully fund this summer program. Graduate and upper-division students, many who were GeoX participants themselves, will be available 24/7 to supervise, advise, and guide you during your stay.

We have a mix of classroom, campus, and field visits planned, including:

  • Examining and studying fossils
  • Visiting a Fortune 500 company
  • Launching a weather balloon
  • Exploring the geoscience of Mars
  • Seeing the instruments used to explore the deep ocean
  • Using GPS to guide the way during a scavenger hunt
  • Attending an admissions information session
  • Discussing career options with industry leaders and College of Geosciences faculty

How to Apply

If you will be a student in high school by August 31, 2019, you are eligible to apply.  Keep in mind that only a limited number of applicants will be accepted; therefore, GPA, class rank, and strong interest statements will make you a viable candidate.

To apply, submit the following credentials online:

  • GeoX application
  • Statement of interest (350 words)
  • Contact information for references
  • PSAT/SAT or ACT scores
  • Evidence of a well-rounded mix of school, community and volunteer activities

Staff members from the College of Geosciences will select students to participate in GeoX. Selected students will receive an email notification by mid-May 2019.

Applications due April 1, 2019

Apply now!

For more information, please contact Judy Nunez.

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