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The College of Geosciences constantly reviews and evaluates its direction, both within the college and as a component of the Texas A&M’s goals and priorities. The college views its Strategic Plan as a living document to direct activities, set priorities and measure performance.


  • To advance new understandings of the Earth System and apply them to the needs of society.
  • To prepare the next generation of geoscientists to conduct research, to find and develop natural resources, and to measure and respond to environmental change.


To lead in establishing the geosciences as the defining scientific discipline of the 21st century.

The sustainable human society of the future depends more on innovation and application of discovery in the geosciences than on any other discipline. Our field is essential to solving society's grand challenges – global climate change, air and water quality, and adequate energy and food supplies.

We will lead by

  • recruiting and graduating students from diverse backgrounds who will lead in private industry, government, and education.
  • producing interdisciplinary, innovative, technologically advanced research that is widely translated and communicated for the benefit of a global society
  • preparing all students for thoughtful, life-long participation in public issues related to science, technology, and society


The College of Geosciences as part of the university's commitment to transparency has undertaken a systematic method to assess and monitor its benchmarks of excellence. Documents at the college and department level can be found on Texas A&M's Accountability website.

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