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Howdy and welcome to the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M!

We are thrilled that you have chosen to spend some time with us! Our College provides unlimited possible paths to make your passion your future. Please explore the transformative educational opportunities we offer in the Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, Geography, Geology and Geophysics, Oceanography, Environmental Programs and Water Management and Hydrologic Science. This unique combination of social science and STEM disciplines housed in our college provides our students with the ability to directly apply their passion to the most critical issues facing society now and in the future – water availability, energy resources, weather and climate variability, natural hazards, geospatial science, and observations of the Earth’s systems, just to name a few. Our students graduate with the interdisciplinary problem solving skills needed to lead in all aspects of the workforce.

I encourage you to come for a visit to discover more about our programs, meet our faculty and students, observe our passion in action, and learn what it means to be an Aggie and an Aggie Geoscientist. Please let us know if you would like more information. Contact my office at (979) 845-3651 or email me at

Take care and gig ‘em,
Debbie Thomas
Interim Dean

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Aggies can change the world. Geoscientists lead the way.