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Awards & Recognition

Since 1978, the College of Geosciences has recognized exemplary geoscientists by awarding the Michel T. Halbouty Medal, to worthy candidates for their substantive cotributions to exploration, development or conservation of Earth resources.  The venerable list of individuals is each distinguished by outstanding achievement, leadership and extraordinary contributions to their professions, local communities, and to Texas A&M and the College of Geosciences. 

Nominations accepted until midnight on Sunday, May 18, 2018.

The Michel T. Halbouty Medal

The Michel T. Halbouty Medal is awarded for distinguished achievement in the development of earth resources and in the application of geoscience to the discovery, use and conservation of Earth resources.  

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The Geosciences Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to a former student of the College of Geosciences in recognition of remarkable achievements in their chosen fields of endeavor and in their service to society.  Ideally, the former student has demonstrably advanced the interests and standards of excellence of the College and Texas A&M University through distinctive and distinguished professional or volunteer service.

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The Geosciences Young Alumni Award

Young Alumni are building a brighter future for the university through their dedication of time, talent, and energy.  The Geosciences Young Alumni Award is presented annually to a former student of the College of Geosciences who has demonstrated outstanding professional achievement or endeavors, exemplifying the core values of Texas A&M University and the educational training from the College of Geosciences towards the advancement of the greater good. 

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The Geosciences Innovator Award

The College of Geosciences recognizes individuals, groups of individuals, or entities with the Geosciences Innovator Award for outstanding innovations and contributions, individually or collectively, in the geosciences for the greatest benefit to our quality of life, economic and environmental resilience and sustainability and in stewardship of the planet.

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