The Geosciences Distinguished Alumni Award

2018 Winner, The Weather Channel

2018 Winner, The Weather Channel

This award is presented to a former student of the College of Geosciences in recognition of remarkable achievements in their chosen fields of endeavor and in their service to society.  Ideally, the former student has demonstrably advanced the interests and standards of excellence of the College and Texas A&M University through distinctive and distinguished professional or volunteer service.

The Geosciences Distinguished Alumni Award is reserved for those who graduated in a College of Geosciences major more than 10 years prior, attending the university as an undergraduate or graduate student to the attainment of a degree and is living at the time of consideration. 


  • Enrichment of the College of Geosciences community through continuing dedication, advocacy and support, contributions of energy, time, creativity, and skills for the advancement of community welfare, discovery, education, social or government service. 
  • Demonstrable commitment to the ongoing vitality of the College and the University.
  • Advancement of the value of and in their profession, exceptional expertise and dedication.

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

No one who has received The Michel T. Halbouty Medal may subsequently be awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award.  Former students employed by the University are not eligible during their term of employment.

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