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Cara Milligan
Cara Milligan
Senior Director of Development for the College of Geosciences, Texas A&M Foundation
(979) 862-4944
Eller O&M 202
Additional Information:

Cara Milligan '08 joined the College of Geosciences in March of 2015 as the senior director of development. She plays a leadership role in the comprehensive fundraising efforts for the college. She joined the A&M Foundation in July 2010 and previously served as director of development in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and assistant director of development with Mays Business School.

As a fundraiser for Texas A&M, Cara has raised nearly $20 million in pledges and commitments, including gifts ranging from six to eight figures. She has contributed to the success of several large fundraising projects such as the Texas A&M Gardens and Greenway, the Nontraditional Student Success Program, and the Business Honors Program.

Outside of her work for Texas A&M, Cara is a passionate equestrian and has been riding since childhood. She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, visiting Texas state as well as national parks, and spends her free time shooting sporting clays and hitting golf balls at the driving range.

Cara received her bachelor's of science degree in animal science from Texas A&M with a minor in business. She also has a certificate in non-profit management from the Bush School of Government and Public Service and is continuing her education by pursuing a master's degree in public administration.

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